Screen Print

Barbara Kruger
"Your body is a battle ground"
Typography/digital media

This artist has been a major influence to me and my work as of late. My concept, like hers and many other female artists (like Nancy Spero, Heather Keithe Freeman, and Ana Mendieta to name a few), is focused on female rights and issues pertaining to the female gender at home, at school, in the media, in politics, and every other area. These artists speak out against misogyny in the way they know how to, and that is through art. Like them, I am speaking out against this mistreatment of women on matters dealing with equal rights for all women and their legal rights over their own bodies (i.e. abortion topics). Thanks to this artist, I have been more educated about the issues pertaining to female rights and am taking a stand in the way I know how to. Through my art.
(I have also come up with the name of my senior show on my artist statement thanks to this piece: “My body is NOT a battlefield”. And it is not and it should never be one. No one’s body should be a battlefield, no matter their gender and gender identity.)

in trouble, she will by =agnes-cecile

It’s “just another regular day” at the place of national hero Jose Rizal’s exile more than a century ago. Is that good news on his 152nd birth anniversary?